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Software Cornwall is using the Business Clusters funding to develop a new training scheme for individuals to enter the employment of the software industry in Cornwall. Businesses have been telling us for years that they struggle to find the staff to fill vacancies. The Business Clusters ESF funding provides the time to trial a completely different way of finding that talent. Locally.

Software enterprises in Cornwall are signing up to the Business Clusters and informing the make up of the training. It is also providing the space to inform companies that in order to develop the specific skills needed they will be required to develop new staff internally. World wide there is a shortage of personnel for the tech sector. Business Clusters will potential go some way to filling the gap. The training is directed at what is relevant now in a fast changing industry. It is also directed towards skills that can be picked up by those with talents from other industries. Taking those skills and putting them to good use in software development or software companies.

For individuals this is the opportunity to change career and provide a valuable source of new talented potential in an otherwise difficult to fill market. Many individuals have the prime work ready skills required by the software industry and by providing the right learning for the right companies vacancies can be filled. Software companies require all kinds of skills within their ranks. Software Cornwall can provision new intakes with the knowledge to bridge the gap between their known skills and those that make them valuable new starters.

The funding provides companies participating in the Business Clusters project with vouchers for providing the time to train the new staff or candidates on the learning process. It provides companies with an incentive to participate in training and learning. Developing skills. Once a company has decided to provide a placement or work experience with an individual the funding helps to top up their salary and allow the company the time to report back to Software Cornwall of the efficacy of the learning.

At the time of writing three individuals have been taken on in full time employment and a fourth is learning alongside a company team with the expectation that they will be changing careers some time in 2022. All these individuals have swapped from one career to something completely different. The Business Clusters training has provided them with specific learning that enhances their skills. It also provided them with the confidence that they had something to offer the industry where in the past they would not considered this possible.