case study:  Project activities delivered to Glorylilly Care Ltd and Green Light PBS Limited by Proud to Care, Cornwall Council

Overview of the project

A new provider in the region, Glorylilly Care Ltd has been operating since October 2021 and are a domiciliary/home care agency that provides at home assistance for those aged 18+years who require support with all aspects of daily living. Services range from companionship to full personal care, including live-in care and hospital to home care. Glorylilly is committed to making living at home as safe and comfortable as possible.

Sector Priorities

This project was undertaken to support Glorylilly as a newly established company and to enhance their efforts around recruitment and retention of staff. As part of this project Glorylilly had access to additional skills provision relevant to the challenges faced by a new social care provider in Cornwall. The Business Clusters team aimed to involve Glorylilly in a range of activities to attract people with the right skills to their job vacancies and introduce them to new and/or alternative methods of promoting themselves as an employer.

The Proud to Care initiative is ongoing and will continue to support Glorylilly (as an independent social care provider in Cornwall) with challenges around the three key themes: recruitment & retention, learning & development and wellbeing & support. Proud to Care highlight innovative solutions and share learning across the sector to overcome common barriers.

Regional Drivers

Proud to Care Cornwall is a partnership initiative facilitated and led by Cornwall Council to raise the profile of careers in the care sector and to support independent social care businesses with recruitment, skills development and wellbeing

Project Delivery

What need was identified?
Glorylilly, as a new social care provider, needed additional support to establish themselves and to enhance with recruitment and retention of staff as well as having access to additional skills provision. As a relatively new start up, they were not part of the social care wider network and were keen to meet fellow organisations and get involved in knowledge exchange.

How did the project fulfil these needs?
By attending careers events with the Business Clusters team, under the banner of Proud to Care, the project enabled Glorylilly to identify potential candidates with a willingness to learn who, with the right training and support, would be keen to develop their careers at Glorylilly or as part of the wider social care sector.

As a new company, this project gave Glorylilly the opportunity to engage with a range of people looking for work and showcase themselves and their values as a local employer in the community.

What was delivered?
The Proud to Care initiative has a website dedicated to promoting careers and job opportunities in social care in Cornwall. Glorylilly were registered on the website to enable them to advertise their job vacancies and apprenticeship opportunities.
During the project, the Business Clusters team commissioned a new website with enhanced functionality for both job seekers and employers. They set up Glorylilly’s new account and Company Profile to maximise their visibility on the website and sent them a User Guide with instructions for using the Provider Hub including how to manage applications and access further resources. Glorylilly also took part in the production of promotional photographs and videos – some of these were used on the Proud to Care Cornwall website to make it relevant and accurately reflect the local job market. Glorylilly now have those new materials to use on their own social media and other digital platforms.

Business Insight, Impact and Feedback

Hanika Maduveko, the Registered Manager of Glorylilly Care Ltd, felt supported by Proud to Care and is now an established member of the social care network in the region with invaluable opportunities to attend Proud to Care network and recruitment events. The project has delivered enhanced skills and experience to Glorylilly’s management around the promotion of their business and engaging with alternative methods to attract new staff.

Glorylilly have been particularly successful in creating employment pathways for students from health and social care courses with the local college. They have had 2 students from Truro and Penwith college (and intend to have more) and one has remained as a permanent member of staff.

Hanika has also seen how established and happy staff have encouraged friends to join the company and she has welcomed, nurtured and ensured pertinent training is delivered, for their own and the company’s development.

Hanika was keen to share that Proud to Care always help with information/adverts, saying “they are just an email away. They are quick to respond, very helpful and point us in the right direction if we have any queries or need information outside of the project activity. They make me feel comfortable asking and have the region’s best interests as well as my organisation at heart. Advertising and recruitment using the Proud to Care logo has definitely added credibility through increased visibility as a new provider. We were in this massive sea and didn’t know where the land was – Proud to Care signposted us just when we needed the help. Just knowing they are there is comforting”.

Glorylilly are also actively pursuing international staff and working hard at finding them accommodation. Hanika will join a workshop to share her experiences and tips with other care providers.

Glorylilly have been able to establish and grow much quicker than if they had not been part of this project, they have grown from 8 clients to 38 clients.