about  Kernow Health CIC

Kernow Health CIC actively works in partnership with all health and care partners and supports the development of place-based working within the new Primary Care Networks which include the supporting and voluntary sector, independent Social Care providers, independent provider General Practice’s and NHS Community services. Within Kernow Health sits the Cornwall Training Hub which has successfully delivered funded initiatives for General Practice since its establishment in 2015 and has been successful in securing funding year on year to develop recruitment and retention, expand the education programme and introduce new initiatives. We have developed the General Practice Staff Bank and developing the system framework for Portfolio Roles which helps individuals to have dual roles across different businesses.

With the ESF funding so far we have been able to support seven pharmacy technician apprenticeships, three Virtual Group Consultation projects and introduce specific training for Practice Managers. We have liaised with most of the General Practices to identify where new initiatives can be considered and are working on a conference to bring multi professional educators together for the first time in Cornwall as well as a conference for the Institute of Practice Managers members which has been founded here in Cornwall.

Telephone: 07974997560

Email: judylawton@nhs.net or Kernowhealthcic.enquiries@nhs.net