about  Cornwall marine network

Driven by industry groups, the ESF Business Clusters project will bring employers and providers together to innovate training and skills provision so that it better meets the needs of the local economy.

Designed to support business growth, the project will focus on developing skills and increasing relevance of training programmes for industries and sectors vital to the local economy and listed as priorities by the C&IoS Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). Specific sector-focussed activities will be delivered in addition to cross-sectoral skills development. 

Throughout the project there will be a focus on driving productivity improvements in businesses through increased suitability and relevance of skills provision available in C&IoS. Development of skills provision will help individuals to gain skills and qualifications relevant to the needs of local businesses, supporting growth gains for the economy.

The partnership will co-ordinate the co-design, development and trialling of a broad spectrum of skills and training for sectors/collectives and in-company skills development for SMEs/micros.

Project Activities
Delivery partners will use their experience and knowledge of their sector, combined with extensive employer networks to ensure project activities meet the needs of the businesses they support and are employer led.

CMN Role
Marine, Manufacturing, Construction, retail & agri foods – including cross cutting elements such as sustainability, equal opportunities, promoting female recruitment & disability with indirect support for energy, mining, aerospace, space.

Cornwall Marine Network Ltd, Cornwall Manufacturers Group and Cornwall Construction Strategy Group (Cornwall Council) will collaborate through Business Clusters on a sub-project focused on lean principles and productivity improvements.

Through the project they will:

  • Engage with small business owner-managers to identify solutions to problem solving and productivity improvements and barriers to skills training delivery and suitability of content;
  • Work with employers to develop new content for workforce skills, particularly in niche areas where existing provision does not meet employer needs and / or is not available locally;
  • Create programmes for lean construction and lean management based on knowledge of existing need;
  • Develop the skills of SME owner-managers to improve productivity and enable business growth and sustainability;
  • Develop curriculum as well as wider training, knowledge transfer, workshop delivery will also be informed by research undertaken on the skills and training gaps coupled with the projected future demand in specific sub-sectors. For example, a. CMN’s research report into the future skills and training needs of the marine and offshore renewables industry; b. Construction research showing huge demand for professional services skills, digital skills and the transformational nature of a cross-business, enhanced business skills programme.
  • Invite businesses to inform how future funding and flexible models can reduce barriers to training delivery – and be involved in the testing of new and innovative approaches all of which will be business led.
  • Build content and relevance of Building Cornwall brand and website to house links to skills provision, to providers, to career information and sector data.
  • Provide funding support to employers to unlock barriers to recruit apprentices.

Employers who are interested in engaging with the Business Clusters project can contact CMN via email, phone or via social media platforms and website. The enquiry will be fed through to the Skills Brokers who will speak to the employer to go through the funding eligibility and discuss their project idea.

Telephone: 01326 211382

Email: networkoffice@cornwallmarine.net